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Myspace Elite Users:

Let me explain what this website is about.

This website is kind of a link directory ONLY for myspace users.
Millions of people have a myspace page and many of them want to get more visitors to make the page famous.
Many myspace users want to get more friends, followers, connections.

These pages and users are in a really difficult position because that is hard to achieve.
Myspace Elite Users website can help them to make their page more popular.


Here are 10.000 Squares, each of them (10x10)=100 pixels. Each square is $10/year.
Take as much as you want and upload your picture or choose one provided and add your myspace profile or page link.

When you are finished, DON'T FORGET to share this website with your friends because if you do, Myspace Elite Users website will get more visitors and at same time you get more visitors too.
This is a good chance for you to create more connections or a good advertisement for your business.
Don't hesitate to join the Elite Users and make your Myspace well known.

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